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Welcome to my studio. As  you can see, I LOVE  COLOR.  It makes me happy. My artistic background is in interior design, but I began painting on canvases a number of years ago when I realized it was much easier, and a lot more fun, to put my visions on canvas rather than on the walls. 

About Sue Barlow

My art is bold and lively. I usually paint with acrylic on canvas as I have found these mediums allow the fullest expression of the bright palette I enjoy.  The inspiration for my work comes from re-imaginings of common objects or new imaginings of designs I'd like to see in the world. 

I see beauty, emotion, energy, truth and love in shapes, colors, forms and design. I enjoy making the real world look even better. Though my paintings are filled with energy and color, the act of painting is a very meditative process for me. I utterly lose myself in the moment when a paintbrush is in my hand.

I have lived in Iowa, Washington DC, and New York City, and love them all, but Colorado is my home.  Sunshine. 

Some of the paintings you see here are available for sale, and I offer commercial and residential commissions please get in touch through the contact page if you are interested. I'd love to hear from you!