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About Sue Barlow

Hi, I'm Sue. I started painting when I was working in interior design. My clients loved the bold colors I chose for their walls. As the colors kept getting brighter and bolder, I decided to try them on canvas instead of walls. That's when my imagination took over and the feeling I was trying to evoke through wall color exploded onto the canvas. I love the energy and optimism of the pop art movement and starting painting bold, lively, colorful renditions of everyday objects, flowers, landscapes and now cityscapes.  I get inspired by imagining common objects and scenes in a way that I'd like them to be - abstract, colorful and bright. 

My most recent collections are cityscapes - from NYC, to Paris, to Rome, to SF, and other places I've visited.

My paintings have been purchased by buyers from from Brooklyn, Boston and South Hampton to Sante Fe, Los Angeles Santa Barbara. 

My paintings are usually made with acrylic paint on stretched canvas and come ready to hang on your wall. Most items on the website are available for sale and I do commissions as well. Please contact me to check on current availability. 

Background: I am Iowa native and now live in Denver. I went to college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and get my masters degree at Columbia University, New York City.